Expert Electricians and HVAC Technicians

Mike Allen’s Heating & Electric Co. specializes in residential and commercial electrical and HVAC in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.

When your electric is on the fritz, your heater dies, or your AC fries call us, and we’ll fix it right the first time.

If your old heater or air conditioner is cranky and inefficient, and you’d like something installed in a day, get an estimate from us. We’ll even help you pick out the new one.

When it’s time to remodel your kitchen or bath, or upgrade your breaker panel, and you want it done with a minimum of disruption, and a maximum of finesse, call the Cincinnati electricians who’ve been doing it right for 33 years and counting. Call Mike Allen’s.

Electricians For Old Homes

Mike Allen’s Heating and Electric Company has been providing power, heat, and light to Cincinnati’s historic homes for over 30 years, and we love improving them. We get the electricity where it needs to go with a minimum of disruption or damage to the finish.

We call it “Minimally Invasive Electricity,” and it’s what sets us apart.

Some residential electricians specialize in wiring brand new houses, or totally new additions, and we could do those, but we are specialists in old home remodels, upgrades, and service (repair) calls. That means that we have plenty of experience in getting wires and electrical devices through the tight spaces, while minimizing the use of the hammer.

We complement the character of old homes with modern lighting, intuitive switches, and plenty of power sources. We also provide the power for fun luxuries like hot tubs and spas, outdoor lighting, and sound and theater systems.

So if you want it done with the patience and respect that your home deserves, talk to Mike Allen

I truly think [old homes] are one of my specialties. Many people will just take a hammer and bash a hole wherever they need to get. 

-Mike Allen

Electrical Upgrades for Safety and Convenience

If it’s time to upgrade the electricity in your home, take advantage of the opportunity to make your life easier too. When we replace the knob and tube, BX armored cable, or aluminum wiring in your home with modern sheathed cable, we can improve more than just your safety.

Besides peace of mind, an old home electrical upgrade can provide:

  • Better switch layouts, for less trips across the room to turn the lights on and off
  • More power outlets for modern life. No more unplugging the coffee maker to charge your cell phone
  • The right amount of power for the right appliances, so the lights don’t dim when the refrigerator kicks on
  • Knowledge of how the wiring in your house runs, and which breakers control what, for future upgrades and additions.

My BBB rating is important, but what’s more important is the rating of your friend, your dad, your mom, your brother, or your sister, because that’s who recommended us.

Mike Allen

Heating, Cooling, and Electricity—on the Same Team

All heating and cooling systems require electricity, so it’s much more efficient to hire a single contractor for both. We aren’t just handymen or jacks-of-all-trades either: We’ve specialized in HVAC and electricity since the very beginning, back in 1978, when Mike worked for L.A Fleisch & Co. in Norwood.

Normally, after any furnace, air conditioner, air purifier, or duct booster is installed, an electrician must come and provide power to the unit after the HVAC technician has finished. We can provide a significant savings of time, money, and sanity when installing or servicing heating and cooling systems.

Mike Allen’s Heating & Electric is familiar with modern, more efficient furnaces and air conditioning units, and can help you decide what system will work best for your needs, and within your budget. We can also install the necessary power and gas for dual fuel ranges. We are always happy to provide advice and recommendations to keep you comfortable for years to come.